Wotcha think you're doin' here then? You think you can just waddle in like that, do ya?

This here, laddie, is a top-secret Brickspace testin' ground. Yup, thassright. So you'd better geddout before someone sees ya pokin' around...

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Staff Member: Zack

NAME: Zack
INTERESTS:  Soccer, Animation, Digital Photography, LEGO

FAVOURITE BOOKS: Artemis Fowl Series, The World Without Us, To Kill A Mocking Bird, The Poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, FireStar
FAVOURITE MUSIC: The Fray, Midtown, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, YellowCard
FAVOURITE FILMS: Indiana Jones I-IV, The Dark Knight, Wall-E, Rush Hour III

At one now with the brick, this action hero lives his life building in a wide variety of themes with LEGO, but before his involvement in Lego he lived as a spy for surveillance and invasion. His cunning missions proved him with many government awards. Zack gave away his past after a terrible accident that left him scarred although he keeps the six-pack and guns. Nowadays you find him browsing the web, but always covering his tracks and watching his back...

-Contact Zack at zacknewright@aol.com  
-Zack's website is www.newright.110mb.com 
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