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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: n x n x n

n x n x n (n.)
When measuring Lego bricks, we usually use the n x n x n system. This is much like normal measurements in which we provide the width x length x height of the brick, though sometimes the height is not required.

Most Lego bricks and plates can be classed as either 1xn or 2xn. In these examples, n could be any number. So 1xn means any brick that has one of its measurements (apart from height) as 1. This could be a 1x2 brick, a 1x4 brick or even a 1x16 brick! Similarly, 2xn bricks can have any length, but have to have a width of 2 (we usually put the shortest measurement as the width, but in the case of square (eg. 2x2) bricks, it doesn't matter).

This measuring system has a flaw, however: the units of width and length (sometimes shown by (a square)) are not the same as the unit of height (sometimes shown by (a diamond)). However, they can be interchanged using the 5:6 ratio, which is that every 5 brick height units equals 6 horizontal stud units.

You may often see a brick has a height of 2/3 (eg. 2 x 2 x 2/3). This is the only height measurement <1, because for every one height unit, three plates can take its place. Thus, 2/3 means that the brick is two plates high: say, for example, a cheese wedge. As I said, this is the only fraction measurement: 1/3 would just be a plate, and 3/3 is a whole, a 1.

The width and length measurements can also be fractions, though only 1/2s. If you use a jumper plate (a 1 x 2 plate with a single stud in the middle of it), you can offset the length or width by 1/2.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: Joe Vig

Joe Vig (n.) (Joe Vig)
Joe Vig is a minifigure thought up by Mike Crowley, Nelson and Patrick Yrizarry. He is a common figure used in Vignettes who is always in danger.

Crowley and the Yrizarrys' first idea was to have 'Joe Food', a minifigure which they would photograph in different restaurants and post the pictures on LUGNET. They then changed the name to Joe Vig ('Vig' being short for 'vignette').

Joe Vig has brown hair, a red shirt, red trousers, and the first Ron Weasley face. Other hats and accessories must be white to keep with the Joe Vig theme.

The first Joe Vig contest was held in June 2005 as Joe's popularity soared in the early years of the 21st century. A full list of Vignettes with Joe Vig in them can be found on the LUGNET page here .

Information for this article was taken from the official LUGNET article .

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: URPs

URP (abbrev.) (Ug·ly Rock Piece)
The URP family consists of two large hollow rocky pieces that are used commonly in landscaping and creating mountains. The URPs are also found in many Castle MOCs.

'URP' usually stands for Ugly Rock Piece, though it can also stand for Ugly Rock Part. They are 'ugly' because of their square, blocky and un-rock-like look. There are two types of URP:

LURP, standing for Little Ugly Rock Piece. These are roughly triangular in shape.

BURP, standing for Big Ugly Rock Piece. These are quite wide and square in their shape.

BURPs and LURPs are generally meant to be built upon with more bricks in the same colour:

The Fifth Terrace of Purgatory: Greed

Flickr user Profound Whatever always astounds with amazing photography and beautiful sets. This latest of his is no exception. Part of a series I can not wait to see what comes next.


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Acura Sportscar

Acura Sportscar
Originally uploaded by Nannan Z.

I saw this car whilst fishing around on Nannan Zhang's photostream, it's not that exciting but I love the way it looks so not-square. The mark of a truly good builder is that their creations look sou round, and so natural. Hope you like it as much as I do.

-Luke, editor

Anatomy of a Ship.

Consider my mind blown - Peter Reid (legoloverman)has done it again with a fantastic new Space creation...but with a twist. Here we see a Neo-Classic Space vessel under construction, appearing as if it just needs the metallic skin to cover its innards.

Dr. S.

Reaper Vine by Toby Heinemann

MOCPages user Toby dips into surrealism and quite a disturbing form at that. I think this bewildering MOC speaks for itself.


The Pants Bot Craft

A new odd creation by BrickShelf user Patuara seems to have a very familiar style to prolific builder Nannan including some Black Fantasy MOCs. A new creation I found has a fantastic parts usage. Bley has never looked so good!


Tribal Sacrafice by SlyOwl

I've featured Flickr user SlyOwl on this blog a few times. And will good reason, but his recent creation just takes things over the top. In words he put it.


Monday, 20 April 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: BBC

BBC (abbrev.) (Bi·o·nicle Based Cre·ation)
The term BBC is used to signify a Bionicle creation. Though the abbreviation may also relate to the British Broadcasting Corporation, in the LOC it refers to a creation which uses Bionicle, Technic and some System bricks. BBCs are usually named with a mock-Toa name or a variation on a usual Bionicle name, such as that of a Bohrok or Rahi.

On the Bionicle fansite BZPower, there is a monthly contest held called BBC.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Battle of Endor now in Hi-Res

I know I'm a little late to this news, but he late is better than not showing up in my opinion.
Anyone flickr member Chewk brings us the hi-res photo of the new StarWars Endor Battle Set.



I've been rather behind lately, but hopefully I can present a few creations that will be of interest. I'd like to start today with a fantastic creation by flickr member Crimson Wolf. Today he brings us the interesting life of a popular bird.

No worries I have plenty of photos listed in my bookmarks.


The Heart is only an Organ.

Or at least, that's what Jordan Schwartz (Sir Nadroj) thinks. In his latest freaky, slightly disturbing, loads of tentacles are grabbing a heart, dragging it to the very dark depths of hell. Well, that's how I interpret it. It's modern art, this is all to be expected.

So here's the picture, and a link to the MOCpages page , because Schwartz has blocked people from copying images from his Flickr. ARGH!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: Cheese Wedge

Cheese Wedge (n.) (Cheese Wedge)
The Cheese Wedge, sometimes known as the Cheese Brick, or Cheese slope, is a relatively new addition to the slope family of Lego bricks.

The cheese wedge, so named because of its cheese-like shape and minifig compatibility, measures 1 x 1 x 2/3, meaning it is 2 plates tall.

An addition to the cheese wedge is the cheese grater brick, named by AFOL Mike Yoder. The cheese wedge is a 1 x 2 x 2/3 slope and has a grate on it, making it look like a cheese grater. It was released in 2008.

Friday, 17 April 2009

The Instability

The Instability
Originally uploaded by 'John

This is becoming a bit of a habit, posting Brickspace staff members' creations, but I just had to show you this photo, the instability, by Brickspace's very own John. It's not the most innovative, or most complicated but the photo is good, the background interesting and the lighting is great (Eylar Lighting whatever that means).

-Luke, editor

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: Sigfig

Sigfig (abbrev.) (Sig·na·ture Fig·ure)
A Sigfig is a defining minifigure for you and your user in the Lego Online Commuinty. Sometimes called a 'sigfiggy', the abbreviation groups Signature and Figure (from minifigure) to create Sigfig. 'Sigfig' is usually spelt with a capital S or no capitals at all.

Sigfigs can be shown to the public on sheets such as the one to the right, which is Joris Blok's. On these sheets, MOCers outline the best points of their Sigfigs and what they mean.

On many forums you can add an 'avatar' of yourself. A Sigfig is just this: a minifigure representation of yourself that other users can recognise. Sigfigs do not necessarily have to resemble you: they can be whatever you want them to be.

The Sigfiggy Abuser's Club on MOCpages is a popular club which holds an annual competition to see who can abuse other users' Sigfigs in the best way possible, called the Darwin Awards.

Bricks don't have to connect completely...

I have recently found two MOCs on MOCpages which have something in common: they both utilise building techniques in which bricks only touch at one corner, and the stud-and-tube joint is not completely used. This is an interesting and unique idea for complex designs, as you will see.

The first MOC is Jerac 's Cobrahn , a sleek, 'swooshable' spaceship that has a clever technique in its wings, where a 1x1 circular plate has been placed at the end stud of 1x4 and 1x3 bricks, then those bricks are connected normally at the other end, creating a wonderfully smooth, curved shape.
Next up is Marek Markiewicz ' brilliant Monowheel , which uses loads of 1x2 plates to create a smooth wheel for a large wheel-based vehicle of the future. If you check out the rest of the photos, you'll see Markiewicz has cleverly integrated the wheel into the frame, and though it is fragile, it looks brilliant.

Pictures of new Summer '09 Lego sets

Kanal-K1 of Brickshelf has recently posted pictures of many of the Summer set releases coming up this year, and has even built the sets himself. Though his list is mainly Lego City sets, that in itself has got me excited for the summer: he has a set I have not seen before...
A wind turbine repair truck and car! Exciting, in a sort-of environmentally friendly way.

Kanal-K1's gallery can be found here .


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hr-18 Interceptor.

The Hr-18 Interceptor by Dr. X. is a multi-role craft, capable of carrying a variety of ordnance.

I love the two-man cockpit on this model, and the lovely curve in front of the wing - I bet this is an awesome swoosher.

Dr. S.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Carrier-Class Light Attack Sub

It's not just the Beatles who live in a Yellow Submarine. Vid' has recebtly shown off his submarining skills and astounded his fans with an insight into a rarely-built theme: sub-marine equipment and vehicles. Full to the brim with guns, gadgets and greeblies, Vid's underwater tank has some novel features (including a full SNOT 180 (Sd) joint at the centre), but some places are slightly fishy in design (notably the side of the windscreen). Nonetheless, it's a great creation.

Brickspace Dictionary: Fleebnork

Fleebnork (n.) (Fleeb·nork)
Fleebnorks are fictional Lego creatures that were popular at teh start of the 21st century. They consist of a 2x2 parabolic disc attached to a 'scorpion' part.

Fleebnorks eat through power couplings and any other metal and Lego space-related objects they can get their claws on. Currently the only way of stopping a Fleebnork is burning it with a plasma flamethrower.

Fleebnorks, sometimes abbreviated to 'Fleebs', make a distincitive sound like 'pleh'. They are usually trans. light green or yellow. If a Fleebnork does not keep with this colour scheme, they are called 'Pseudofleebs'

New Fleebs are being made up all the time, the most notable being the Pimpnork, a Fleebnork with a sliver shell and a black body.

Information on Fleebnorks taken from Fleebnork.com .

Monday, 13 April 2009


This cool APC by mondayn00dle really looks the part but wait...what's that on those wheel arches? Castle pieces? Brilliant use of some parts that others might find somewhat Less Than Useful.

It gets even better when you click further and see the brilliant steering incorporated into this MOC.


This cool APC by mondayn00dle really looks the part but wait...what's that on those wheel arches? Castle pieces? Brilliant use of some parts that others might find somewhat Less Than Useful.

It gets even better when you click further and see the nifty steering incorporated into this MOC.

Dr. S.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: Dark Age

Dark Age (n.) (Dark Age)
Used mainly by AFOLs, 'Dark Age' is a popular phrase used to sum up a period in one's life when you were not interested in Lego or active in the Lego online forums and community. This mainly happens because a person is a fan of Lego as a child, then grows out of Lego when they go to University or get a job. They then rediscover Lego later, and become active in the LOC. The period when that person is not interested in Lego is called their dark age.

This can also mean a dark time when a MOCer is online, and when they only build one thing.

Steeple Brink Cove & Cruel Coppinger

I like Pirates stuff, but I don't build in the theme, so on that basis you could probably say that Pirates aren't really "my thing" - but I do like this little cove by Derfel Cadarn.

I especially like the brick effect on the pier - I know this is not a new method, but I do think it is particularly effective here.

The whole hustle and bustle of the scene with the rocks either side makes this an immediate fave'.

Dr. S.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: COW

COW (acr.) (Curved Out Wedge)
The acronym 'COW' is short for Curved Out Wedge. In the early 2000s, Lego started releasing curved versions of the classic straight slopes. Though they are much rarer than the slopes, they are used widely in MOCs as they offer a smoother, more interesting alternative to the usual straight slope.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Teleportation Demonstration

I don't think there is any way humanely possible for me to not blog Sir Nadroj's awe-inspiring MOC straight away. It's just too cool. Based on Disneyland's 'Alien Encounter: The ExtraTERRORestrial' attraction, Nadroj (Schwartz)'s latest Lifelite masterpiece includes a great smoke machine as well. I can't put how amazing this creation is into words, so here is the video Schwartz made to accompany the MOC:

And, to cap it all of, the title rhymes. You can't get much better than that, folks!