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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: VTOL

VTOL (n.) (Abbrev. Ver·ti·cal Take-Off [and] Lan·ding)
VTOL is the name given to craft, specifically spacecraft, that can both take off and land vertically. For example, a traditional NASA rocket is a VTOL craft: it takes off in a vertical position, and lands in a pretty much vertical position (though only one part of it lands). A non-VTOL craft would be a traditional passenger airplane. The airplane needs a long run-up to take off, and does not land directly down, it curves.

VTOL craft are often seen as Lego MOCs, as space MOCs tend to be more futuristic, and VTOL craft are seen as futuristic, because they don't need a long and tedious run-up.

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