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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Lego mobile phone?

Gadget blog The Boy Genius Report have recently posted the first ever preliminary picture of the new Lego Mobile Phone.

Earlier this year, Lego teamed up with Digital Blue and Alcatel and have recently released this prototype of the Lego phone, which includes swappable cases and keypads and is aimed at children, and will be proced at $20 - $60. Unfortunately, the phone won't hit the shops until summer, but it will contain a walkie-talkie and a camera, all with modular Lego-type pieces so the kids can customise it.

But is this a great move for the Lego company, or is Jørgen selling Lego at face value? I'm starting to think employing JVK as the Lego CEO wasn't such a good idea...

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