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Monday, 9 February 2009

SCI-LUG Small Starfighter contest

I'm not much of a space builder myself, but my interest was peaked when I stumbled on to the "Small Starfighter Build" contest over on SCI-LUG. What I did like about the contest was that entries were limited to being able to fit onto a landing grid (14x14 studs), seat a minifig pilot, as well as be only 5 studs high.

The contest garnered a impressive number of entries, some of which I enjoyed due to the creative ways that the rules were bent. The first challenge was of course to fit a minifig into the craft, in some believable fashion. Several builders tackled this by either having the pilot lie down, or angle the cockpit by 45 degrees or so :

Quite a few entries involved folding wings so that their fighter would be able to be to fit into a 14x14 box :

Some were just gorgeous, uncommon designs :

A few builders too the time to build the landing grid itself...or a hanger...

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