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Monday, 2 February 2009

Set Review : #6239 Cannon Battle

About a month ago, I went to my local GIANT SHOPPING CENTRE and bought my first round of 2009 Lego sets. I've had them hanging around for so long, and it was just today that I took some photos of them and decided to write this review ('cause it has been snowing solidly since 7 PM last night, and I'd had my fair share of snowballing). So here it is... the first Brickspace set review EVER!

No.: #6239
Name: Cannon Battle
Theme: Pirates
Cost: £3.89 / $5.99
Pieces: 45

1. BUILDING - Is the set an easy build? A pleasing build? Were there any new pieces or techniques used?
The set is relatively easy to build, mainly because it only has 45 pieces. The build is short, sharp, and too short and sharp to really review properly: the cannon is based on a large frame piece, and the wall is based on a large plate too, so there's nothing much to say in this department.

But now is a good time to talk about our old friends: the cannon couple. Two pieces make up the Lego cannon: a barrel and a frame to allow the barrel to pivot. Now, I'm not a big fan of these two: I had them in a set many years ago, and they ended up in my Lego boxes all jumbled up with everything else. Now, I think the frame part is great, but the barrel just looks... not Lego-ish enough. But this is only my opinion because I've mistaken the barrel so many times for some Playmobil pieces I had in my Lego boxes (so probably like 10 years ago). I have since lost the barrel piece, but I'm glad to see they haven't updated it, and it's almost as if Pirates has never been gone!

Another great piece I've finally got is the feather piece, sporting a new trans-orange colour in this and many other Pirates sets. I love the use of this as a flame: it seems silly most people haven't noticed such a similarity before this year, but I'm glad I've finally got it.

And, let's not forget the telescope brick! Coming into the Lego world in a great goldy shade, the telescope brick has a hollow stud on top, and a hollow tube on the bottom. Both sides can fit the traditional pole piece, and also the

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