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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

New 2009 Star Wars sets!

Flickr user 'Dano brings us some great sneak peaks of this year's upcoming sets via New Set blog customminifig.co.uk !
First up: a new Star Wars: the Clone Wars set for the summer. Dubbed a 'Limited Edition' set (like the Spider Walker), this Solar Sailor includes Count Dooku (Clone Wars version), two Magnaguards and a small white robot thing, can't quite make it out. It looks really awful, and doesn't even include those great sails in the movie. Not a good start.
 Next up: a new Corporate Alliance Droid, looking smaller and very much 'cuter'. Two clones, one Battle Droid, a strange sort of jetpack thing and some precarious looking treads.
I think the only way to describe this is, as a Flickr user put so well, an obese Y-Wing. Though it's also called a Y-Wing, it's a lot yellower and has Clone Wars minifigs.
 Lego returns  to Hoth with hopefully a less expensive set than the last two/three/four times! Sporting the comeback of the old Classioc LSW logo (top right), this set includes some snowtroopers, some rebel snowy people, Han Solo in a blue eskimo suit and the first ever Lego Tauntaun! Yipee!
Now next up is Nute Gunray's Nemoidian Shuttle. The Flickr guys estimate it to be about $30-$40, and it will include two droids, a clone, a Greedo-type chap and Nute Gunray (not the one you see in the picture - that's a prototype). So far, it's looking good. The actual design of the set lets it down for me, tough: it looks really basic and simple. Good landing gear, though: can't wait for that.
I can't believe that after so many MOCs of that stupid Endor bunker, Lego bring it out in a set. Well maybe that'll stop the MOCs. The minifigs in this set (just like in all the others) look really great, though: the camouflage Rebel helmets, a gray/brown Ewok, Han Solo, R2, Luke, some more Rebel guys and a Scout Trooper. I'll start saving up now, please.
Another silly Clone Wars set methinks. Lego have gone overtime on the minifigs this year: a Palpatine minifig, two BLUE (yes, BLUE) Clones (senate guards apparently) and two other random Clones, one apparently is Commander Gree. Bit of a flat-nosed shape, though, don't you think?

Well, stay tuned for the next set of Fall 2009 Lego sets. Before I go, I'll give you a sneak peak of the next 'Lego board games', with this cool promotional poster. The German title means 'The world will be jealous', but if any of you can read/understand the smaller text, please say!

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