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Thursday, 19 February 2009

New 2009 Sets!

Other than StarWars and Bionicle. Featuring the best from the new line LEGO released at Toy Fair 2009. The set release for most sets is August 2009. All photos from Flickr user no_onions.

First off on the list in the Power Miners line is the 8964 Titanium Command Rig with 706 pieces and running a price tag of $99.99 USD/$129.99 CAD. In this new set we find some nice large wheels, a similar drill that has been seen before in the Power Miners line, and...

A new addition to the Rock Monster family! Trekking back to old Rock Raid line this large pre-fab beast features moving arms, but it appears to have legs melted together. Almost to similar to the previous Rock Raider beast.

Next in the line of Power Miners we see the 8963 Rock Wrecker coming with it is 225 pieces and running a price tag of $34.99 USD/$44.99 CAD. Featuring some great new elements this set includes large saws, another large rock monster in transparent yellow-green, and a new cockpit element. Although a little pricey to the part ratio, this set still features some fantastic elements.

And last on our list for Power Miners is the 8962 Crystal King where builders can find a large brick built rock monster for only $19.99 USD/$24.99 CAD and containing 168 pieces. We also find that the Power Miners have hair under there large blue helmets!

New in the Ferrari line is 8185 Ferrari F1 Cargo. This set contains 534 pieces and is priced at $79.99 USD/$99.99 CAD. In this set we find the 2008 wheel elements released again and a large truck with its racer.

From the Creator line we have that incredibly priced 6754 Family Home that contains 976 pieces and only costs $59.99 USD/$79.99 CAD. Tons of basic elements and perfect how building materials. Very reminiscent of the previous Creator homes.

First on the long list of Space Police sets is 5973 Hyperspeed Pursuit with 456 pieces and a cost of $49.99 USD/$64.99 CAD. In this set we find a nice sleek black car and the police racer with its nice blue cockpit.

5974 Galactic Enforcer is next on the list with 825 pieces and a price of $99.99 USD/$129.99 CAD. In it we get fantastic escape pods and plenty of white wedge plates and other white plates.

With 5972 Container Heist we get 282 pieces for $29.99 USD/$39.99 CAD. Within its large container is an Ion cannon ready to take out the space police. Like in all the Space Police sets we find an interesting alien head different from most of the other sets.

Our final stop with Space Police is 5970 Freeze Ray Frenzy. This set contains 80 pieces and has the small price tag of $9.99 USD/$12.99 CAD. For such a small set we get a nifty new alien head.

Now to put Castle on your mind we have the large new castle 7097 Troll's Dark Fortress. 844 pieces for $99.99 USD/$129.99 CAD. With the set we find new trolls in sand green and dark tan that have helmets and interesting designs on their armor. Also seen is less of the prefab rock we are used to and more brick built designs we love.

The skellies are back in 7079 Drawbridge Defense. A set priced for $39.99 USD/$49.99 CAD and containing 335 pieces. We also have a great minifigure selection with a new queen and for anyone who missed out on the Advent Calender jester there is another chance.

From the City line we have 7686 Helicopter Transport were we find the LEGO company using similar techniques to ones used by most builders. A great achievement and plenty of orange for anyone in need. This set has 377 pieces and costs $39.99 USD/$49.99 CAD.

Also in the City line is 7642 Garage with plenty of trucks. Similar to the Custom Cars Garage on this year we are receiving trucks. With 953 pieces this set is much large and expensive than its car counterpart. Price is set at $99.99 USD/$129.99 CAD.

Last in the City line is 7639 Camper ready for any group of hippies. With 165 pieces The LEGO Company gives us the fair price of $16.99 USD/$19.99 CAD. For anyone who missed out on a surfboard during there release they are in luck with the yellow board released in this set.

7195 Ambush in Cairo from Indiana Jones is one of the best deals The LEGO Company provides for us. $10.99 USD/$12.99 CAD for 79 pieces, but with those pieces is 4 new minifigures including Indy himself.

7196 Chauchilla Cemetery Battle from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull features and new motorcycle design and a personal favorite, the Conquistador helmet. 187 pieces - $19.99 USD/$24.99 CAD

7197 Venice Canal Chase contains 420 pieces and is available for the fair price of $39.99 USD/$49.99 CAD. Not pictures is another boat with a break away back for movie accuracy.

Finishing big for Indiana Jones and our Toy Fair coverage is 7199 The Temple of Doom. The $89.99 USD/$119.99 CAD with 652 pieces. Although quite pricey this set features the perfect rendition of Mola Ram and tons of 6 wide train track.

Although Agents was not covered in this review of the August 2009 set films of these sets by Flickr user countblockula. Agents Films-Toy Fair 2009 Films


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