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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Brickfilms.com 3.0!

I'd just like to let you know about the newest Brickfilms.com redesign!

Since Brickfilms LLC was bought out last year by UMC, the site has slowly been going through a shut-down, with less and less news posts being made and less films being posted. The whole community has practically moved over to Bricks In Motion . HOWEVER (!), Just today / yesterday, the newest admin of Brickfilms LLC has published the updated site! Sporting some new graphics and new website ideas, the site is not yet completely finished. In fact it is far from it: at the moment, all you can do is post in the forums (which many thousands of people have done in the last two days), and the homepage is a complete mess. But don't judge so early! Just keep checking back and it will all be OK soon!


Meanwhile, Bricks In Motion are still getting their film library together, so the two sites are pretty much equal. Choose now, avoid the tough job of choosing later when the both sites are fully operational.


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