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Thursday, 22 January 2009

LemonBoy's Jet Hardsuit

I don't think we've ever featured a hardsuit on Brickspace before, so I'm pleased to show this one: the first.

Created by that guy Lemon Boy , whose creations have featured here previously, I think, this hardsuit is immaculately designed and well presented, with a good minifig head to top it all off. For those of you who don't know, Hardsuits are like mechs only for minifigs, and at minifig sizes: sort of like RoboCop (God I hate those films) or maybe the Terminator. They're a huge hit on MOCpages, and if you wanna see more, just get down to the Hardsuits MOCpages group .

Aside from the clever intricate details and use of those new 1x2 clip rung plates (crap, I've only got two), this MOC looks a little too precarious and unstable for me. Hey, nothing's perfect.

More pics here . Have you seen a great MOC you wanna get out there? Email me !

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