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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: VOAT

VOAT (adj.) (abbrev. Va·ri·a·tions On A Theme)
VOAT is the term used to describe a series of MOCs, commonly seen on MOCpages and used widely by Shannon Ocean. VOAT, standing for Variations On A Theme, is usually a prefix for a MOC's name. A VOAT MOCpages article is one with more than one MOC on it. Usually, the MOCer experiments with a certain theme: say, using rigging in a spaceship. The webpage would have a series of pictures following the MOCer's creative instinct as they refine and add new parts to the MOC. However the aim of a VOAT MOC is not to end up with one creation that it finite and better than the rest, but to have a wide array of creations and to explore new building techniques in the process.

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