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Friday, 23 January 2009

Gigantic Train Station

Wow! Check out this amazing Train Station, exhibited at a Convention in Berlin! Made by Rainer Brendler , this creation is really immense! 8 metres tall, 5 metres long and made with 1,400,000 Lego bricks, I think this has to be the largest creation we've ever had here on Brickspace. I'd love to blab on about the architecture and the clever use of minifigs in the building, and creating curved surfaces, but this is based on an actual train station - Frankfurt train station - so I'll leave the marveling at the architecture to non-Lego-architecture fans. Ah, well.
For more pictures, either check out the Brickshelf gallery here, or Rainer's gallery here . Before I go, here's a behind the scenes pic. Just the light glittering off all those shiny new beige Lego bricks makes me want to faint.

Many thanks to Every Boddy for suggesting this to me, and providing the stats and links.

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