Wotcha think you're doin' here then? You think you can just waddle in like that, do ya?

This here, laddie, is a top-secret Brickspace testin' ground. Yup, thassright. So you'd better geddout before someone sees ya pokin' around...

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Psycho (Flicks)

A man hides behind giant letters, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting showerererer(ererer). Seriously, is that even a word?

Yes, it's not other than Hitchcock's classic film, Psycho, created in Lego by Alex Eylar . Check more pictures of film names in giant Lego letters in a scene from that film (or, er, POFNIGLLIASFTFs) at Eylar's Flicks page here . Enjoy!

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