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Monday, 5 January 2009

Secret Lego I: The Ice-Cream Brick

Hey there, and welcome to the first of our new series of posts: Secret Lego! Secret Lego is a series of Tips+Tricks posts where we show you ways in which Lego parts can fit together, that the big Jørgen doesn't want you to know! This time, we're gonna show you the secrets of the ice cream brick...
This is a conventional Ice Cream Brick. Not very common, but not very rare either. It should be quite easy to get your hands on a few. There were two, just like this, included in last year's Advent Calendar. They are very simple: the usual tube connection on the bottom, with a special ridge, and a pile of four spheres on top. Hence an ice cream.
So then, here is the first trick you can do with the Ice Cream Brick. Plonking one on top of the other will create a handy universal (ball and socket) joint, which you can use to make decorative bobbly things.
Of course, as some of you may know, the Ice Cream Brick can fit snugly into the old wine glass accessory piece, which also sports a little ridge. So you can have an ice cream in a cup. Nothing close to an ice cream cone, but we're nearly there.
Let's apply these methods in an everyday examples. Here is a cannon I am building. Its barrell is actually a cup, hollow part facing out. And I want to make the cannonball look as if it is flying out. Now, as some of you may know by searching around MOCpages, Ice Cream Bricks are very useful to emulate smoke, because of their bobbly texture and stackability. So, let's get connecting...
Ta-dah! Connecting two ice cream bricks between the cannonball and the wine glass brick, we have created a perfect explosion smoke-trail effect. Check out the next installment of Secret Lego, coming your way soon on Brickspace! And remember:
Sssshh! It's a secret!

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