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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Secret Lego II: Hinge and Flame

Hello and welcome to the second in the Secret Lego series!!

For this tutorial about the ways in which Lego pieces fit together that Jørgen doesn't want you to know about, we're gonna focus on an easy way of mounting the flame brick:
Here it is. Pretty cool. Some of you may know that it can create pretty cool rings of fire, but, if you don't, then I'll leave that one 'till later.
Now then, you'll need one of these beauties: the top part of a hinge brick. These come in 1x2 and 2x2 versions, but I think I'll just use this one. Note that you don't need the bottom part of the hinge at any point in this tutorial. Now let's connect the two...

Like so! See how the stem of the flame piece fits perfectly into the cut-out section of the hinge part. It stays there pretty firmly, too.
You can also affix the flame part to the hinge piece by means of the flame's upper stem as well, creating a lovely jaunty angle.
Now we can use the clever combination to give our abstract wood pile a bit of flare - literally! Using this technique, you can easily solve any flame problems you have. Apart from a real fire, of course! You'd need the fire department for that, not me!!

Thanks for reading, and remember:

Sssh! It's a secret!™

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