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Friday, 16 January 2009

Brickspace Awards 2009: Results

Hey again, guys! Sorry for the delay, but without further ado, I'm gonna announce the winners of this year's fabulous Brickspace Awards!

The award for Best Creation goes to...

NATHAN SAWAYA for 'Dissolving Man'! Please give ol' Nathan a round of applause for his excellent creation, featured as our logo back when we were Best of Brickshelf. We'll be sending an email along to Nathan to congratulate him, and we'll tell you his reply.

The award for Best Video goes to...

PHILIP HEINRICH for his film 'Unrenewable'! Let's give Philip a round of applause, and, if you missed the film, you can find it on his website . We'll email Philip too, and get you his reaction. Well done!]

The award for Best Creator goes to...

Nannan Zhang! Many congratulations, Nannan. Let's give another non-existant round of applause to Mr Zhang. We'll throw him an email and send you his reply (well, the non-private bits of course).

The award for Best Brickfilmer goes to...

Philip Heinrich! Wow, double congratulations are in order for Philip who has won not one but TWO awards this time round, so I think we can call him our overall winner. Congrats!

Well, thanks to all of you who helped to nominate people for the Brickspace Awards 2009, and we're sorry if we got some stuff wrong (spellings, freedom of choice etc), but we're learning, bear with us. And, on the subject of prizes, we'd like to additionally congratulate Matthew from Birmingham, UK for winning our first ever give-away prize: the Brickspace T-Shirt!

Thanks again to all who entered that competition. Now, of course, it's even more important to get on with the competitions we have: like the Long Films competition going on at 101 Brickfilms (and over here). You don't have long to vote for your film, so get going! Voting ends on 30th January!

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