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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Chibi Monarch


Since we'd gotten a whole load of confused visitors from some other site or other who saw the Obama banner and Feedback post, I'm trying to fill up the homepage with appropriate regular stuff (creations, videos etc). So I've delved into my vast folder of Brickshelf/MOCpages favourites and picked out the Chibi Monarch, a decent creation from that guy Memory . Remember him (lol)?

Now I'm a sucker for anything small, intricate, and with tracks, so this creation has me pinned. Love the torpedoes, the gear-and-track propulsion system, shame it's all in black and Memory hasn't been bothered to use two-point lighting (check out my tips+tricks tutorial on the subject, it'll help. Honest), so it looks even darker. Pfft.

More pics on the silly Brickshelf gallery here . Seen a great MOC? Let us know !

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