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Friday, 3 April 2009

Lego Star Wars fan 'finds' two MORE Chrome Darth Vaders

This "lucky" Lego SW fan has recently found two chrome Darth Vaders in a new Lego set he bought. Yeah right. Yawn. Just so you're not so gullible (you do know it's written on the ceiling, right?) as to think it's real, here's the evidence why:

  • He already has a Chrome Darth Vader. So (as I was learning about in Maths only a few hours ago), the probability of him getting another (let alone two!) is very very low.
  • Why would he make a video saying he will open a box to show the public he is not that lucky?
  • He seems remarkably unsurprised that he's found another two CDVs
  • He opens the box by ripping off the back. Thus, he may be hiding the fact that the popper tab thingie is not working because he hid the two CDVs in there.
  • He manages to not notice the second CDV until he is done blabbing about the first.
  • Both CDVs are in the same place, the furthest down from the 'top' where he opens the box from.
See? FAKE FAKE FAKE. Go spam his YouTube, children. Be off with you! Fly, my pretties, FLY!

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