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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: Fleebnork

Fleebnork (n.) (Fleeb·nork)
Fleebnorks are fictional Lego creatures that were popular at teh start of the 21st century. They consist of a 2x2 parabolic disc attached to a 'scorpion' part.

Fleebnorks eat through power couplings and any other metal and Lego space-related objects they can get their claws on. Currently the only way of stopping a Fleebnork is burning it with a plasma flamethrower.

Fleebnorks, sometimes abbreviated to 'Fleebs', make a distincitive sound like 'pleh'. They are usually trans. light green or yellow. If a Fleebnork does not keep with this colour scheme, they are called 'Pseudofleebs'

New Fleebs are being made up all the time, the most notable being the Pimpnork, a Fleebnork with a sliver shell and a black body.

Information on Fleebnorks taken from Fleebnork.com .

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