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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Bricks don't have to connect completely...

I have recently found two MOCs on MOCpages which have something in common: they both utilise building techniques in which bricks only touch at one corner, and the stud-and-tube joint is not completely used. This is an interesting and unique idea for complex designs, as you will see.

The first MOC is Jerac 's Cobrahn , a sleek, 'swooshable' spaceship that has a clever technique in its wings, where a 1x1 circular plate has been placed at the end stud of 1x4 and 1x3 bricks, then those bricks are connected normally at the other end, creating a wonderfully smooth, curved shape.
Next up is Marek Markiewicz ' brilliant Monowheel , which uses loads of 1x2 plates to create a smooth wheel for a large wheel-based vehicle of the future. If you check out the rest of the photos, you'll see Markiewicz has cleverly integrated the wheel into the frame, and though it is fragile, it looks brilliant.

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