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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Peaceful Lego

Last week, by friend Brent (Thwaak) and I started a new group on Flickr.
We are both old enough to remember a time when LEGO was a violence-free toy. Before Star Wars, Cowboys and Pirates, before even the Yellow Castle.  
It was a time when LEGO made fire engines, passenger planes and little gas stations. When the first minifigs appeared, they were firemen, bus drivers, doctors and astronauts, peacefully exploring space (or just the moon, Classic Space looked as if it was all on the moon).
When I think about it now, my friends and I could play for weeks with LEGO and never feel the need to stage a battle between our minifigs.
Today, however, it's different. Knights need the trolls and the undead, the astronauts are plundering Mars and waging a war on the indigenous population, the good Exo-force boys fight the bad robots, the Agents are trying to stop the evil plans of their own stereotypical nemesis... And there are the Clone wars, of course.

When I look at my own Flickr protostream, I see quite a few of the gray metal MOCs and armed minifigs. On the other hand the forums are full of beautiful creations, where no-one is pointing anything at anyone. Hence the Peaceful Lego.
Feel free to add your peaceful creations. Adrian Florea just added this adorable cadet Stimpy.

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