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Monday, 9 March 2009

EBCCB Modules

Popular LEGO forum EuroBricks.com is known for its many contests all running at one time or even spread out among the year and their community projects and group builds started on their forums. With that being said BrickShelf and EuroBricks user Thrash has put together a grouping of all the modules and he also personally edited them himself. There are currently 69 modules (yes, I know 69)made with many more waiting to be made. Join EuroBricks (if your aren't a member already) and find the fun in their History and Adventure Forum. You can view his BrickShelf Folder here. You can also visit there EBCCB thread (EuroBricks Community Castle Build) here.
Now with all that backround info here are a few photos of my favorite modules edited by Thrash.

The Jester's Joke Shop module by Thrash himself.

Fighting Arena by I Scream Clone (Also the founder of EBCCB.

And the Kitchen by Erdbeereis.
I to have built a module that can be found in my Flickr stream.


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