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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: Greco Joint

Greco Joint (n. / tecn.) (Gre·co Joint)

The Greco Joint is a little-known SNOT 180 technique that works on all LEGO pieces with long tubes.

The Greco Joint is the trademark technique of Felix Greco, and used famously in his Rabbit creation. The joint needs only three parts: two bricks (with long tubes: only plates are exempt from this) and as many small cross-axels as there are tubes that line up between the two bricks.

The cross-axels are wedged into the tubes, and they join the two bricks together. However, this joint is known to be notoriously hard to undo. It is a tight fit in the tubes, and it can be very hard to take the cross-axels out of the joint.

As with the Enjary joint, the Greco joint is not necessarily Felix Greco's original idea. If you know of someone who has discovered the joint before Greco, email me. Thanks!

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