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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Brickspace Dictionary: Enjary Joint

Enjary Joint (n. / tecn.) (En·ja·ry Joint)

The Enjary Joint is a particular type of SNOT 180 joint. SNOT 180 means that the technique combines two bricks that point 180˚ away from each other (ie. mirrored at their base or top).

The Enjary Joint was found and publicised by Didier Enjary, though he is not the creator of the joint. The joint consists of three elements: two plates to join (they must be plates) and as many levers as possible. The flat end of the levers is pushed between the tubes on the underside of one plate, and another plate is placed on top.

If you know who created the joint, please let me know at my email , and I will change this accordingly. However, I have found a Brickshelf member called Kerouac who has tried the. If anyone knows his real name, or someone else who has tried the joint before him, let me know.

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