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Friday, 7 November 2008

October Brickspace Gold

And the winner of the October bricksspace gold is...
Du dum, du dum, du dum (Heartbeat)
Under the video are the results. Mirrored perspective got 37%.
Here's the Mindgame studios description:
"This film was a definite deviation in genre from me. I wanted to break away from my regular comedy form and make something a little deeper and meaningful. I also wanted to really try to work at my cinematography on this project, as that was an aspect of my filming I hadn't mastered. This, by no means, is a mastery at cinematography, but it's my best at it so far, in my opinion.
The idea for this film came to me back in I think August or September of 2006. It floated around my head for a while, and mentioned it once or twice to a friend of mine in BrickChat. He really seemed to like the idea, slightly to my suprise. I didn't do much with it afterwards. Within the next couple of weeks, we began studying Plato's Cave Allegory in English class, and it occurred to me how similar it was to the concept of the film I was thinking of.
That gave me a little more inspiration, and I began brainstorming for it a little more. Official production began for it in late October 2006. It progressed very slowly over the course of the next two months, being busy with schoolwork and stuff. Occasionally I would lose interest for a short while, but then regain it after a few days and shoot another couple of shots.
I originally thought the film would have been done by around Thanksgiving, but December came and I was a little over halfway through filming. I promised myself the film would be done by the end of the year, so production sped up pretty rapidly in the next couple of days. I sent a Private Message to a friend of mine, Lewis "Lechnology" Chen, to see if he'd be available to do a special effect for me that I wasn't capable of doing at the time. He agreed to do it, and was very prompt in getting the clips back to me, and I thank him for that.
By December 10, I finally finished filming. I compiled a rough cut of the film and sent it to the resident Brickfilms composer Joseph "The Duke" Frank. To my delight, he said he very much liked the film and would be happy to write a score for me, which he accomplished promptly as well, also to my delight. I opened up Vegas and added in his music, made a few last minute adjustments, and finally rendered the finished product.
Mirrored Perspective was nominated for four 2006 BAMPA Awards, including Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Score, and Best Sound Design.
This film was also selected to be shown at the Platform International Animation Festival in June 2007, in the "Films By Kids For Kids" screening."
This is another great film from MindGame Studios. It is, as ever silky smooth and very good quality. It starts off faultlessly. Thecamera angles are very good, and it turns what is a very simple story into what could be called a piece of art. The music goes very well and means there is no need for any talking. It is a pleasure to watch, and I especially like the ending where he smashes the mirror, and walks through the door. Once he reapperars in the alleyway, the lighting and colour quality are excellent.
They've done it again, another great piece of eye candy from Mindgame studios.

-Luke, editor

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