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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Interview with Philip Heinrich (Smeagol Studios)

Q1) How long on average does it take you make one movie?
A)That really depends on the movie. I made "The Pepperonis" for an animation contest in about 22 hours, and that was over three minutes long. "Cashman" took me about 18 hours to make. But most of my films are more complex; for example, my latest film, Unrenewable, took about a month and a half to film, with a couple months of preparation before that.

Q2) Where do you get your inspiration from?

A) It hasn't been too difficult to develop ideas for Star Wars films since the world of Star Wars has already been established via the movies, video games, comic books, etc. My "Bane of the Sith" trailer, for example, is heavily based on Star Wars books and comics. My other films often draw inspiration the genre on which they are based -- for example, "Unrenewable" is modeled after classic film noir to some extent, with a science-fiction element added to the mix.

Q3) Would you ever consider making a full version of Star wars bane of the sith? (Please say yes!)
A) Making a "Bane of the Sith" movie would be fun, but it would take a long time to do it properly, and I don't feel up to making a feature-length Star Wars movie. Rest assured I am working on plenty of other projects, though. Currently I'm working on something much larger than my previous films.

Q4) Which, in your opinion, it the best film you made?

A) My favorite film that I have made is my latest, "Unrenewable." It isn't on YouTube currently but it is available on my website.
[You can watch unrenewable by clicking here]

Thankyou very much to Philip Heinrich for letting us interview him. You can visit his website by clicking here. Below is a poster for Unrenewable.

-Luke, editor

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