Wotcha think you're doin' here then? You think you can just waddle in like that, do ya?

This here, laddie, is a top-secret Brickspace testin' ground. Yup, thassright. So you'd better geddout before someone sees ya pokin' around...

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Yet another amazing non-minifiure lego animation from Paganomation. It's ssoooooo smooth, the music is decent and the storyline is simple and understandable. What makes his films totally unique is that he's one of the only people who doesn't use minifigures. You can see the video on YouTube by clicking here, and you can see the Paganomation YouTube channel by clicking here. And also, just to let all you David Pagano fans know, John got an interview with him, which will be released on the 1st December.

-Luke, editor

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