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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

We have rebranded!

Hello everyone, and welcome to BrickSpace! Yes, those of you who are looking for Best of Brickshelf, don't fear! This is just the same, only with extra features, such as videos, interviews, tips and tricks, and news! Careful, there may be a few glitches, but I'll explain to you what's new:
  • THE NAME: Because we take content from places other than Brickshelf, we had to rebrand.
  • THE SIDEBAR: Our sidebar has been cleared up, with nice little links to our sources, and the labels of the posts so you can find what you like, when you like!
  • THE INFO: Our blog, in preparation for getting its own domain name, is becoming more like a proper website now. The welcome message at the top of the sidebar now has a link to our welcome letter, which is the post before this. It will also have other links like staff profiles and 'contact us' pages.
  • THE COLOUR: In order to get the visitors rolling in, we've added a new colour to our layout, so it looks friendlier. This is the yellow/gold colour, which looks like this.
Ok, enjoy!

-John, Admin

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