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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Double whammy: Making your creations look great & Oblivion

Quite often, you spend ages making a great lego model, take a picture to put on somewhere like moc pages or brickshelf only to find it looks terrible because you've got lots of things in the background, like your bed or other models. Well you can make your creations look great, quickly and easily by using GIMP. It's a free photo editing software, and you can go to the website and download it by clicking here. Then just use the magic wand tool and the eraser to get rid of the messy background (NB it works better if you have a single solid colour in the beckground). Here's an example I did earlier.
Notice how much more professional the bottom one looks. Please note you can make yours look better than that by taking your time. I did that one really quickly. Now for the review...

This sculpture, named Oblivion, was created by Nowhere Man. There isn't much to say, other than it looks great. The colours are good, and my only criticism is the dark, blurred photo. You can find more pictures of it by clicking here.

-Luke, editor

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