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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Go Miniman Go! (Paganomation)

David Pagano was one of three famous Brickfilmers chosen by Lego to create films about the Lego minifigure, in time for the minifig's 30th birthday and also for the celebratory site gominimango.com.
Now, I think I'll review this Brickfilm.

Pagano is a truly talented Brickfilmer, and many know him as the creator of one of the original Brickfilms, 'Little Guys!', a mock-TV advert for square toy figures played with by large lego people. It was, and still is, one of the few Brickfilms to not be minifigure-orientated. It is because of this that I'm a bit wary of this video: Lego should not have asked a specifically non-minifig Brickfilmer to make a video celebrating the Minifig. I would have picked Zach Macias, or maybe Philip Heinrich. The film starts nicely, which is not really a very good sign, since 'nicely' is not a good word. The animation is a little stuttery, possibly 10fps, which is Ok for people like me, but for professionals like Pagano is a waste of a Brickfilm. After an interesting bit of brick-morphing, the main character - a weird leaping minifigure - is formed and starts leaping around various different lego themes. The film easily becomes boring, just like the music, and is not pleasing to the eye. The shots are unimaginative, and the film has the washed-out look of being made by someone who doesn't have enough time for colour correction. There is a brief space scene, which is edited poorly, and includes some dull After Effects movements and blurs, and does not do much to improve the film. The film ends slowly, as the main character's leaping making me want to throttle him or take off his legs. As he bounds through the finish line, I breathe a sigh of relief, and have to sit through Pagano's usual boring, music-less credits. Overall, the film was a disappointment, and I feel Pagano's endless talent was wasted on such a bad choice of film. Go back to non-minifig Brickfilms, Pagano!


-John, Admin

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