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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Star wars- Bane of the Sith

WOW! And I know what you're thinking, but unfortunately he's not going to make the film (aaw man!). But, I'm starting an online petition to get Smeagol Studio's to make it. If you want them to make the film, please leave a comment...
Now for the review-
It starts off quite slowly, but straight away you are impressed by the way the mouths move and how realistic the flying space ship is (Definitely the best I've ever seen on YouTube). Then, once the boring bit is over, you get to the light saber fights. Unfortunately this is the one thing that lets it down, it starts off promisingly, but I'll come back to that later. The guy rides across the field, it isn't at all jumpy and the camera panning over the valley gives a fantastic birds eye view of the excellently built scenery. Then you see some guys talking again- WOW. Unfortunately, the only bad part is about to come. The lightning and force field look unrealistic as the two people don't even move, and just stand there like statues and there are no sound effects. Then some more good stuff: Great camera shots, realistic spaceships, more Lego people talking (Very realistic too). The giant Jedi battle is a bit random, but also very cool. Then some random talking from the narrator and it's over. (phew- that was a long review). I would without doubt rate it 6/5 but I'm not allowed to, so I'll rate it 5/5. Hope you enjoyed it, and don't forget to take part in the petition.

-Luke, editor

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