Wotcha think you're doin' here then? You think you can just waddle in like that, do ya?

This here, laddie, is a top-secret Brickspace testin' ground. Yup, thassright. So you'd better geddout before someone sees ya pokin' around...

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Welcome to BrickSpace!

Welcome to BrickSpace, the home of... well, anything, really! Here at BrickSpace, we'll upload a new post every other day, with news, or a cool creation, or building tips and tricks, or even interviews with some of the leading MOCers! We have a variety of post types:
There are millions of lego creations (or MoCs - 'My own Creations) on the internet, and it takes lots of patience - and time - to find the good ones. Here at BrickSpace, we do that for you! With our useful one- to five-star ratings, and monthly BrickSpace Gold award, we're sure to bring you the best there is.
A large online community, in addition to that of lego creations, is lego stop-frame animation movies, or 'Brickfilms'. We'll bring you the latest and best of the Brickfilming world, and other tutorials and Lego-related videos as well.
Lots of lego fans are striving to know what makes a professional MoCer tick, and we'll interview one of these geniuses each month, revealing how they get their ideas and how they plan their creations.
If there's a competition, or an addition to the staff, our admin, John, will let you know!
We reveal the secrets of lego building, with handy tips and tricks, in bite-size chunks.
If there's a new set, or a new site or creation for a famous MoCer, we'll let you know! Consider us as your Lego news feed.
Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, the Lego CEO, appears regularly on BrickSpace in his monthly cartoon comic! Check out what Jørgen gets up to in each comic, or see much more at his blog.
NEW FOR 2009!  Our journalists regularly post large-scale news articles, where they delve deep into the lego community, online communities and much much more to find out where they're all going. 
NEW FOR 2009!  Every now and then, we'll post about a famous MOCer or Brickfilmer, creating a little biography about where they've been, what they're known for, and where they're going into the future.
NEW FOR 2009!  Another large part of the Brickspace community are our competitions, where you could win anything! From competitions where you enter Brickfilms or MOCs, to lucky draws to win great prizes, we've got it all!
NEW FOR 2009!  Jørgen, our very own cartoon Lego CEO, will answer all of your questions! Ask him anything, but his specialities are Denmark, Lego, baldness, boars, and jam! Ask him !
NEW FOR 2009!  Some of our more opinioned Film Critics will regularly bring you Reviews. These are long descriptions of Brickfilms: mainly longer ones, to help you choose whether you want to see it and to offer some more thought about a film, rather than just watching it.
NEW FOR 2009!  We try to keep up with the latest lego set releases. So, whenever one of us gets a new Lego set, we'll get right on to Brickspace to tell you whether you should buy it or not.

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