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Thursday, 18 December 2008


Well, if you thought the original Lego set was cool, then check out this Ultimate Collector's Series (UCS) edition made by the great MOCpages user The Legohaulic . Just to let you know what he's like, here's his list of things which make you a Legohaulic:

Hmm, I'll bear that in mind. See more pics of the AT-RT here , or check out the real UCS sets here .

-You see a Lego piece at the bottom of a box at a garage sale and you immediately know what set it is from.

-You have dreams that your feet and butt have holes in them and your skin is bright yellow.

-You bring Lego pieces into the bathroom and play with them while you do your business.

-Your fingers become raw from too much Lego building.

-You go without food for more than one meal because your busy building.

-You have to clear a path through the Lego to get to your bed every night. You also line the path with assorted glow-in-the-dark Lego pieces, creating a runway effect.

-If given enough bricks, you would start a housing development.

-Your date with your girlfriend consists of you showing her your entire lego collection and teaching her what SNOT means.

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