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Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Ok, guys. Got any ideas for 2009? Go on, add 'em here!

  • Jørgen's helpdesk/Ask Jørgen/Auntie Jørgen
  • MONTHLY Jørgen comics
  • 'Article' posts
  • New staff jobs:
    • Expert
    • Film Critic
    • Moderator
  • A page (underneath staff and about us) called 'Contact us', with all our emails
  • Individual staff/staff post/post type pages?
  • Another directory button (underneath about us and our staff), called 'Store' or 'Shop'
  • The directory buttons (about us, our staff etc) as pictures of buttons, shiny ones, with links to the pages?
  • new post type: a lego pic with a humorous caption?
  • Jørgen's quotes of the week?
  • inbox@brickspace.org  email?
  • a new logo/banner? (Luke says NO WAY!)
  • adverts
  • "GET INVOLVED" where readers send in their own story and the best one of the fortnight  is put on the site.
  • Different types of posts...
    • Article
    • Review
    • Bio
    • 101 Brickfilms to see before you Die
    • Competition
    • Staff news
    • Secret Lego Tricks
    • Back to the Future
    • Set Review (different name)
    • Jørgen's Helpdesk
    • JørgenQuote
    • Experience (mbe next year)
  • Lots more seasons...
    • Films under 1 minute
    • Lego films, but not Brickfilms
    • Zach Macias Films
    • Nathan Wells Films
    • Unknown Films
    • 20th Century Films
    • Nannan Zhang Creations
    • Nathan Sawaya Creations
    • BIG Creations
    • Ten best Vignettes
  • Brickspace awards 2009!

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