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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

'Get Involved'

After months of an inactive 'Get involved' link on the sidebar, get involved is finally here...
At Brickspace, we try to be totally different from other unofficial LEGO blogs, so we thought it would be great to try and get our readers to get involved by letting them write on the blog. By our readers, for our readers! So, I got to work, thinking and pondering for hours on end to think of a great name. Then it struck me, 'GET INVOLVED'. You just need to send us your posts and the best ones will be posted on the site. Here's some more info:

All you need is to create your post then email it to this address:
Before you post, just remember a few things to help your post look great, stand out from the rest and possibly even be published on the main site:
  • Make sure to include your name at the bottom.
  • Don't forget to attach any pictures or video (You can also just include links if you want). 
  • Please DO NOT swear or include any malicious content as your post will be deleted.
  • Only the best posts will be featured on the blog, but don't forget, you can always become a proper staff member.
  • Your e-mail subject is used as your title so make it interesting, short and eye catching.
  • Please don't post your own creations.
All posts will be instantly published to http://bsinvolved.blogspot.com and the best ones will be put on the main site. Good luck!

-Luke, editor

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