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This here, laddie, is a top-secret Brickspace testin' ground. Yup, thassright. So you'd better geddout before someone sees ya pokin' around...

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Staff Member: John

NAME: John
ACTUAL NAME: William Dalton
INTERESTS: Lego, Movies, Physics, Actionscript

FAVOURITE BOOKS: The Roar, Foundation, Physics of the Impossible, Through a Glass Clearly, Gold, Foundation
FAVOURITE MUSIC: Stevie Wonder, The Commitments, KT Tunstall, Ingrid Michaelson, Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Rob Dougan
FAVOURITE FILMS: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Naked Gun, Airplane!, I Robot, Indiana Jones IV, Being John Malkovich

Raised by rogue Lego Bricks, our Blog admin, John, is skilled in the arts of fine building, making food out of rocks, drawing funny little cartoons, making water out of rocks, walking on water, being cool, and he can also code Actionscript, which is additionally cool. At the age of three he solved the mystery of time travel, but nowadays, at the age of fourteen, he just hangs around doing this blog, making movies, and generally 'hanging'.

-Contact John at john@brickspace.org
-John's blog is www.crescentstudios.blogspot.com

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